SCTier Winter Brawl 7 Aftermath

After an abnormally long wait, here is SCTier with the post-Winter Brawl podcast! This time we have the top three from the event, or in other words, kAb, IRM, and MTFighter. The identity of our wispy shade has been revealed! This event has figuratively been called a warm up for the upcoming Final Round. PS come to FR. Here is some three way insight into the tournament banter of Winter Brawl!

Another thing that SCTier has come out with recently is “Night Fights” (title subject to change). After a few months of planning we are proud to include this in our hat of future content so stay tuned for more podcasts and matches!

For those of you who are not in the know yet, SCTier is a budding Calibur de facto project designed to keep the community up to date on tournament listings, coverage, tutorials, and all things Calibur. At the head of SCTier you have your very own SCPartisan.

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