SCTier Pre-WB Podcast

After about a month of inactivity SCTier is finally back to provide the community with some pre-tournament coverage. This time we have the Northeast major, Winter Brawl with the veteran kAb as our guest. In the context of the current competitive scene this event can seem like a warm up, or a precursor to the upcoming Final Round. On the interviewer side of things there is Partisan, Jimbonator, and that one nameless desperado.

SCTier is currently getting back into gear and has things such as post-tournament coverage and other non-podcast media on the way. Once again, this project has massive potential and would love to hear any form of suggestion and feedback.

So without further ado, here is the pre-Winter Brawl podcast featuring kAb.

Offical Winter Brawl 2013 Thread:

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