Wiki Updates and Protocol Changes

Some of you may have noticed over the past few weeks I've been making a lot of changes to our wiki software. In case you don't know, the wiki software on this website is built in-house, completely by me. Doing this has permitted me to add features to the wiki specific to our type of community, while shaving off all the bloat we see in most other wiki software.

I'm making this post to explain some of the changes you should now see, and will see in the future.


The first thing you should notice on wiki pages is the new "tab" system. By clicking on the tabs, you can view the attachments, history and editors of the page without having to refresh. The history page has always existed, but now there are two new pages. The attachments page is self-explanatory and simply shows all the files attached to that page.


The editors page is the newest edition and simply shows an aggregate history of edits for that page. It shows who is most active on the page and the date of their last activity. In the future, this page will also show the explicit editors and owners of the page (which I will explain later in this post).

Another new tab you guys may see is a "Discussion" tab. The wiki now includes the ability to link a thread to a page, and I have done so on all pages within the wiki. Users can use these pages to discuss changes for the wiki. Soul Arena moderators may wish to make a link to these discussion threads in their associated soul arena forum.


Below the tab, on the right side of the sub heading, you can see a link for "Watch/Unwatch Page". A subscription system has been added to the wiki so users can now "subscribe" to pages so you are kept informed of when someone else edits them. This subscription is separate from the subscription you will find in the discussion for that page. If you wish to subscribe to both the wiki page, and the discussion thread for that wiki, you will have to have two different subscriptions. This is by design as some people may wish to subscribe only to the wiki and not the discussion.


The major new feature in this new version is "Permission Masks". As it currently stands, only users within the following usergroups can edit wiki pages: Administrative, Moderating (Super), Moderating and Premium. So if a regular user wished to edit the wiki, they couldn't. The reason for this has always been to protect against vandalism; premium members who have invested directly into this website would have less incentive to mess it up.

With this new system, we can work around these limitations. We can now mark individual users as Administrators (re: Owners) of a specific page. Administrators of pages can then add explicit editors to that page. Even if a user is not a member of one of the four pre-approved usergroups, they will be able to edit the page at will, even if the page has been marked as protected by an administrator.

For now, only myself and SCPartisan can add administrators to pages... so send your requests to him. If you would like to keep informed in a more timely manner on some of the changes I make to the forums, you should subscribe to this thread... I tend to post small updates in that thread.

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