Spider-Man: Homecoming pre-orders will include the Superior Spider-Man costume for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Here’s some interesting news for any players who prefer watching their Marvel movies on their consoles. Pre-ordering the digital copy of Spider-Man: Homecoming on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will give Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite players free access to the “Superior Spider-Man” alternate costume for character.

For those not familiar with the comics, Superior Spider-Man had the titular hero’s body taken over by the mind of Doctor Octopus, who then tried to prove that he could be a “superior” Spider-Man than Peter Parker. Part of this involved wearing a striking new black and red costume — one which the new costume teased at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming shares some visual cues with (alongside the red and gold “Iron Spider” costume from Civil War comic event).

Access to the costume (as well as a PlayStation 4 theme and avatar, for those who pre-order it on the console) will be given for free to those who pre-order Spider-Man: Homecoming before October 24. For those not interested in pre-ordering (or who’re purchasing a copy of the movie through other means), the costume will also be available for purchase normally via PSN or Xbox Live for $3.99.

Sources: PlayStation Network; Microsoft Store; thanks to brainfraud for the tip.

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