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As Street Fighter V‘s fifth Season 2 DLC character — and the game’s fifth proper newcomer — continues to take the world by storm, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute has recently unveiled the Activity Report of this new challenger. Read on, as Private Nakagawa attempts to shed some more light on this mysterious fortune-telling apprentice.

Private Nakagawa:“A fortune teller girl who uses Soul Power, a power that opposes Lord Bison’s Psycho Power. And here’s her command list!“


Basic Info:

Name: Menat [From Egyptian language mnj.t, “menat,” a necklace who was used as a musical instrument rather than a necklace proper, typically associated with the priestesses of the goddess Ḥwt Ḥr Hathor (literally “mother womb of Horus“). Hathor was also aptly named nb.t mnj.t “Lady of the menat,” and Mnj.t “Menat” as well, with different hieroglyphic spelling. Note that Egyptian language didn’t note vowels, only consonants; thus we can’t be sure that “menat” was its actual pronunciation. Despite what wikis might there would tell you, “menat” has nothing to do with Arabic language, even as that’s the language spoken in Egypt in the present day (and rightfully appears in her moves).] Height: 163cm Weight: 55kg Blood Type: 0 Birthday: November 12th Country of Origin: Egypt Likes: Souvenirs from various places of the world, Her diary Dislikes: Sarcastic people, Thrill rides (e.g. rollercoasters) Fighting style: Soul Power, using her crystal ball



Private Nakagawa:“A mysterious fortune teller who manipulates a crystal ball with Soul Power. Apprentice of a famous Italian fortune teller who lives in “Palazzo Mistero.” [In Japanese 神秘の館 Shinpi no yakata, Italian for “Mystery palace.” Implying a rather luxurious residence, as indeed Rose’s mansion is.] She flies around every place of the world to tell mysterious revelations. She has a polite and serious character, but can be a bit hasty. She doesn’t use Soul Power to directly attack, but by way of an object. She attacks her opponent from afar using a crystal ball. She plays with her enemy with tricky movements that resemble a dance. She’s powerless, but uses special powers, and looks like she’s having fun fighting.”

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Special thanks to Midgardsorn for translations and footnotes.

Source: CFN Portal

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