Exciting video promo highlights Guilty Gear XX Accent Core action at Evo Japan


Despite the wide availability of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, its predecessor Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is still getting action around the world. Whether it’s via its various dedicated communities around the world, Evolution side tournaments, or arcades in Japan, AC+R, the game still has plenty of veterans enjoying the high octane, complex 2D action that the XX series provided.

As Evo Japan is coming up, AnimEVO is hosting a number of side games that aren’t for the main stage. Japanese fighting game community member, Hero, made an exciting promo that highlights the GGXX AC+R event. It’s a quality video animation that shows off the XX cast (which isn’t entirely in Xrd yet!) and hypes up the event. It’s good to see attention drawn to this side event, as the Japanese level of play in this game is still extremely high, so it will be quite the show.

Stay tuned to SRK and visit the Evo Japan website to stay informed about the upcoming event.

Source: @_HERO_P; H Hero

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