VesperArcade breaks down what has been revealed from the early copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


It was the reddit post that led us first into disbelief, then into excitement. That person who found an early copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in his recently-purchased Street Fighter V case at Wal-Mart has given us a lot of insight into the various features Capcom has incorporated into the title.

Now, VesperArcade is discussing what was discovered in this build: he notes first off the return of player two rematch confirms, something we have long awaited. But he pays particular attention to the built-in frame data viewer, something that he comments will be good for new players and veterans alike. He also talks about the Trials featured in Volume 3, commenting not only on the fact that these seem to be more practical as bread-and-butter combos, but also allude to what changes some of the characters received in the Season 3 patch.

Source: VesperArcade

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