The latest addition to Brawlhalla is Kaya, the Bow and Spear Legend


Winter is still here — in most regions, at least — so it seems appropriate that the latest Brawlhalla character embraces the cold. A recent stream unveiled Kaya, the new Bow and Spear Legend available in the 3.08 patch of the game.

Partnered up with an ice mammoth that shows up during certain attacks, Kaya emphasizes fast movement and good defense. She can pull off precise, powerful attacks with her bow in a variety of directions to send her opponent flying. When she switches to the spear, she can either do quick pokes or grab the opponent to whisk them in a certain direction.

Check out her gameplay reveal below, and keep scrolling to see a longer stream with the developers.

If you’re interested in viewing the stream when the character was revealed, check out this longer VOD with a lot of Kaya gameplay:

Source: Brawlhalla (YouTube)

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