Haitani runs a gauntlet of Japanese fighting game gods at his wedding reception


Here’s a sign that you married the right woman. You are one of the five gods of Japanese Street Fighter, and not only do you get to play your fellow deities at the wedding reception, but your new bride sits behind you in support.

This is exactly what happened to Haitani last night, as he not only found himself facing a new challenger in marriage, but facing old rivals in various fighting games. Featured during the reception were exhibition matches in which Haitani faced Sako in Vampire Savior, Ohuki in Street Fighter III; 3rd Strike, and Tokido in Street Fighter V. While not featured is any sort of battle with the last god, Daigo, we did get an amazing selfie taken by The Beast which proved to be a foreshadowing of things to come for Haitani at his reception.

Sources: Kagecchi Uri; Daigo Umehara

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