Unleash the Wolf Fang Fist with this Yamcha Dragon Ball FighterZ breakdown from Maximilian


While we didn’t get to bask in the glory of Lord Yamcha during the open beta, Maximilian luckily got the chance to play the former desert bandit at a Bandai Namco event for Dragon Ball FighterZ last year. While we got a brief look at him via Hellpockets’ breakdown, Max’s video is a more in-depth look at what Yamcha can pull off in battle.

Primarily a rushdown character, Yamcha only has two main special moves: the Wolf Fang Fist and the Gale Claws. Wolf Fang Fist will be the main move you’ll be using as Yamcha, being a multi-hitting physical attack than can be followed up in a variety of ways. Along with a knockdown which is super-cancellable, Yamcha can perform a Wolf Fang Fist Flash by pressing Heavy at any during a WFF string. This takes one stock of meter and knocks the opponent into the air, allowing Yamcha to switch sides and continue the combo.

By pressing the Ki button during WFF, Yamcha can dash through his opponent and appear on the other side, so he can continue his pressure. You can also press Back + Ki to have Yamcha backdash away from the opponent. As for Gale Claws, you’ll mainly want to use this move as your aerial combo ender, as Yamcha has no aerial super.

Source: Maximilian Dood

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