Retro-bit shows off officially licensed wired and wireless Sega Genesis and Saturn pads at CES


Nowadays, most pad players tend to stick with the default gamepad that comes with a console — usually the Dual Shock 4. Move the clock back a decade or two, however, and the story is quite different. Back then, the gold standard for fighting game pads was considered to be Sega’s compact 6-button control pad for the Japanese Saturn (later released as the Model 2 in the US).

Now, it seems that this classic controller, alongside its Genesis predecessor, is coming back thanks to Retro-bit. At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Retro-bit showed off their new line of officially licensed Sega controllers.

The company is making new Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis 6-button, and (for those so inclined) Sega Dreamcast controllers. The controllers will be available in both wireless Bluetooth and wired configurations. The wired versions are compatible with PC and Macintosh, meanwhile the Bluetooth wireless versions will also work with Android and iOS devices. Additionally, the latter will also come with special dongles to make them work with the original console.

Price and release date for these have yet to be announced. For more on these — and other fighting game controller-related stories — stay locked on to Shoryuken.

Source: GameSpot

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