Capcom’s Character Popularity Poll lists Sakura as the most popular Street Fighter character


The results are in! For a month in 2017, people weighed in the most popular characters in the Street Fighter universe. Now, with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition out, Capcom has announced the results — showing the first SFV Season 3 DLC character Sakura as the most popular character in the series.

This list, which features 109 characters, including ones owned by ARIKA from the Street Fighter EX franchise, and even characters from Street Fighter The Movie: The Game, showed every single rank on the list. Rounding out the Top Ten were as follows (including their first appearance in the series):

  1. Sakura(Street Fighter Alpha 2)
  2. Makoto(Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
  3. Juri(Super Street Fighter IV)
  4. Q(Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
  5. Cody(Final Fight)
  6. Chun-Li(Street Fighter II)
  7. Sagat(Street Fighter)
  8. Akuma(Super Street Fighter II Turbo)
  9. Ryu(Street Fighter)
  10. Blanka(Street Fighter II)

For the rest of the results — which took in over 100,000 votes — please visit their results page on the CFN Portal. Similarly, you also check out the results of our own SFV Season 2 character reader poll.

Source: Capcom

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