Here comes the thunder! Rising Thunder: Community Edition is now available!


Announced as a mini-Christmas miracle last December, Radiant Entertainment have officially released Rising Thunder: Community Edition, so people can continue playing the popular but short-lived fighter. This special edition of Rising Thunder comes in three parts: the client, an open source server, and a special goodie package.

The client is fairly self-explanatory; it’s the latest version that was available internally at Radiant, with some updates to allow offline play and the open source server. While it has had some basic tests, there will be bugs so don’t expect everything to run smoothly when you boot it up. Radiant have also bundled in the source code for Rising Thunder‘s UI, meaning dedicated modders can poke around and make improvements if they wish.

The open source server is a much improved version of the original one, making it easier to run and tinker with. It is only basic at present, with rudimentary matchmaking and two-player lobbies. If you add more than two players, it will just crash so don’t bother. Things like ELO, accounts and a progression system aren’t there yet, but Radiant are looking into potential FightCade integration for the future.

Finally, the last part of Community Edition is a goodie pack, filled with concept art, early development videos, lore about all the pilots, acting as a potted history of Rising Thunder‘s development. Radiant have teased that they are indeed at work on something for Riot Games — possibly the long-rumored League of Legends fighting game — so don’t expect any more from the studio for a while.

To download everything, head on over to the Rising Thunder subreddit. Let’s hope this kicks off a mini-renaissance for this cult classic fighter!

Source: r/risingthunder

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