ARMS version 5.1 update adds Gallery and Tournament modes


While Nintendo is done with content updates for ARMS, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped supporting the game. Case in point: the game has just received a new patch that adds two new modes, on top of a few fixes.

ARMS‘s version 5.1 update brings with it the new a “Gallery” and “Tournament Mode.” Gallery mode is pretty straightforward. It lets players view illustrations that they can unlock using in-game currency. Tournament Mode, on the other hand, is designed — as the name states — for tournament play. Here all ARMS are unlocked for players to use. While in this mode, players cannot participate in a Grand Prix, nor can they earn in-game currency. Switching between “normal” and Tournament Mode can be done by pressing in the right stick and holding L and R in the Top Menu.

In addition to this, the patch also adds a few bug fixes for some characters. You can check out all of these below.

ARMS version 5.1 patch notes

  • Added new “Gallery” feature. Unlock amazing illustrations using in-game currency, or by fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Added new badges.
    • Added badges earned when certain pairs of fighters rack up battles together.
    • Added badges earned by repeatedly using each ARM.
    • And so many more!
  • New additions to Party Crash.
    • ARMS Labs have manufactured the ultimate version of Hedlok. It will appear only in Party Crash.
    • ARMS Labs have thought up some new Bonus Periods. Look out for them!
    • If a featured fighter is losing by more than 1000 points in the current lobby, the bonus for using them will increase from 1.5x to 2x. Time for some comebacks!
  • Added “Tournament Mode.”
    • A mode made for tournaments with all ARMS unlocked.
    • When in Tournament Mode you will be unable to play other modes such as Grand Prix or Ranked Match, and you won’t receive badges or in-game currency. Records will also not be recorded.
    • You can switch between Normal Mode and Tournament Mode on the Top Menu by holding in the R Stick and pressing L and R.
  • Fixed an issue where Dr. Coyle’s extra ARMS would not fire correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ramram would stop moving in mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue in Skillshot, where the Tribolt would fail to return after punching.

Source: Nintendo

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