Dragon Ball FighterZ video roundup: “Turn” discussion, Dora Bang’s Piccolo, and more!

Welcome, West City citizens! It’s a new week and we have a ton of Dragon Ball FighterZ videos lined up for you to scrutinize in the lab. You know the drill — let’s jump in and see what the FGC has made today:

rooflemongerstarts us off with an important discussion about “turns” in DBFZ.

Raf Tube gives us a strong level 1 Sparking touch-of-death combo for Android 16.

Multi-game combo video maker y.xiao covers various nuanced combos for Android 18.

We had a number of players submitting Teen Gohan videos this week!Muramishistarts with a general combo video…

… Swordshares some mid/low 50/50s…

… tbcboocockdemonstrates his safety during block strings…

Andrawkid360shows off some of ways Teen Gohan can condition in neutral.

And closing us out today isdora bang’s Piccolo set-play concepts.

As always, if you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup. Thanks everyone!

Sources: rooflemonger; y.xiao; Raf Tube; Sword; Muramishi; rawkid360; tbcboocock; dora bang

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