Justin Wong to star in a fighting game comedy film “Last Hit” with UFC fighter Elias Theodorou and Kayane


In a bit of news nobody expected, Echo Fox|Justin Wong is set to star in a feature comedy film that places Street Fighter V at the centerpiece. Titled Last Hit, the movie involves a UFC competitor — Elias Theodorou — as well as known FGC personalities Kayane, Luffy, and Zhi Lang Chew (Zhieeep)!

The plot centers around Theodorou’s character, Denis Bergeron: an MMA fighter who competes in his discipline until a tragic accident befalls him. He turns to esports and begins playing Street Fighter V. He finds “a new love and new friends” in the FGC, but also encounters a rival, Chris Ballard (possibly played by Justin Wong…?). Ballard is described as a “personification of GamerGate” and humiliates the ex-FGC fighter, who then must train for a chance to redeem himself at a showdown later in the movie.

For now, details are slim. Justin Wong recorded a message for the fans on the movie’s website:

The film is currently in production, and is expected to land in 2019.

Source: Nero Films; MMASucka.com; thanks to zenzen for the tip.

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