Red Bull is opening their next esports spot, Gaming Sphere, in London


Londoners will soon be able to enjoy their esports in the newest, hottest spot, courtesy of Red Bull. A new Gaming Sphere locale is set to open in London on March 21st, providing the largest public esports space to level up — and size up the competition.

Located in Shoreditch, London, the Gaming Sphere will have all the current generation consoles, PCs, and multiple virtual reality gaming stations. In addition, there will be Sim-Lab racing chassis, as well as Really Good Gaming Chairs. You can see examples of those below in a video with Hashtag Ryan, a pro FIFA player. He showcases the various stations in the locale, which include a “Red vs. Blue” 6 vs 6 PC section with spectator room.

Lucky Londoners will be able to participate in many scheduled events, which include Friday Night Brawls, workshops with pro esport players, and community tournaments. This is the second Gaming Sphere from Red Bull, as the company opened a similar venue in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this year.

Source: Red Bull (YouTube); Red Bull; Esports Insider

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