Jam Pro League VODs show off the strength of Brazil’s Street Fighter V scene


JAM Festival 2018 is a ranking event in Brazil for the Capcom Pro Tour. It will be the last chance for Latin American Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players to score CPT points. Considering this is a country that’s responsible for strong players like Keoma, DidimoKOF, Brolynho, and more, you can expect that JAM Festival 2018 will be the grounds for many difficult, exciting battles.

For a glimpse into the Brazilian scene, Brazil tournament organizer Mwisk has graciously put together English post-match commentary of JAM Pro League #1‘s finals. This league is a monthly event for Brazilian players, and while you can catch it live (and in Portuguese) at their Twitch page, you can see the finals below — with Mwisk’s English commentary — right now with this playlist.

Sources: JamPlay (Twitch); Gamewisk

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