Exploit the weaknesses of Sailor Uranus’ Destructive Carnival in this punishment guide for Sailor Moon S


Sailor Uranus is one of the most flashy low tier characters in any fighting game. While she has an infinite, and can punish moves with command grabs from many ranges, she has several flaws in her game that keep her locked as a low tier in Sailor Moon S. Her vulnerable forward dash — which sets up both options — leave her lacking in several match-ups.

What makes matters worse is how punishable her desperation move — Destructive Carnival — is on block. There are several instances where you can interrupt it, and all of these depend on your character, making a mistake with this move costly.

But further, if this move hits on crouching opponents, it will cause the final hit to drop, allowing you yet another punishment opportunity even on hit.

Source: koushun1022

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