See what The King of Fighters XIV newcomer Najd can pull off with these combo videos


As the only actual newcomer added in The King of Fighters XIV‘s version 3.0 update, Najd seems to have attracted a fair bit of attention. Unlike the other characters added in the update, she has no prior incarnation for players to base their exploration of the character on, no prior tricks and techniques that can be replicated.

With her being a “blank slate” so to speak, more than a few creators and players have taken up the challenge of figuring out what exactly Najd can do. First up, we have this basic combo video from the Kakuge channel. The video helpfully provides inputs, which should be great for players looking to learn the character.

Meanwhile, combo video creator meso has come up with their own video, showcasing a wider spread of combos, both basic and advanced.

Meanwhile, Turkish creators Merlin’in Kazani Turkey Fighting Clan have also put up their own combo video for her.

Finally, fresh of their previous Blue Mary video, the Combonauts have also thrown their hat in the ring with their own  Najd combo exhibition.

Sources: kakuge; meso; Merlin’in Kazani Turkey Fighting Clan; Combonauts

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