Hilarious BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta bug lets you fight with two characters together

The online beta for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle just ended, but there is still online access. Given the unfinished state of the game, players are bound to run into bugs here and there. Maybe it’s no surprise that it was PG|SKD who found one of the most game-breaking ones.

As presented in the clip below, SKD was able to bring both Ruby and Es onto the screen and truly tag team the opponent with a barrage of attacks. The second character stays on the screen, and receives the same inputs as the main character.

He explains the bug in this thread, and posts some more examples:

Here’s also a Japanese player triggering the same bug, but with the biggest characters available in the game:

There will be four-player controls in the game, so maybe Arc System Works might as well make this bug a playable mode in the vein of Guilty Gear Isuka. I would play it!

Recently, datamining has revealed the remaining possible BBTAG DLC characters.

Source: PG|SKD; @ukaga_ka

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