Core-A Gaming looks into how Qudans and Jeonnding became household Tekken 7 names


Few people play Tekken as well as the Korean community. Although StarCraft is certainly a popular esport there, Bandai Namco’s fighter has found a lot of appreciation. Core-A Gaming raises awareness about this country by highlighting two world-class competitors: UYU|Qudans and UYU|Jeonnding.

The video ventures deep into their storied past, which starts with Jeonnding talking about competing in the first StarCraft game in his early years. However, he quit, and started to play the 3D fighter just for fun, as a hobby. As for Qudans — who found his name by converting Korean characters on the keyboard — he made his name in 2005 by winning the Evolution Championship. Both players talk quite a bit about the generally unfavorable stereotypes surrounding gamers, and they consciously make effort to “erase that image.”

Check out the informative video below for an insightful look into some of the best Tekken 7 players in the world.

Source: Core-A Gaming

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