BornFree interviews Lord Knight, the anime fighter extraordinaire


Having recently visited Next Level, New York City’s premiere fighting game meetup spot, BornFree took the opportunity to interview several of their mainstays. One of the must-talk-to folks there is Lord Knight, a premiere anime fighting game player who has mastered several games, consistently places high at many events, and regularly produces content.

His name comes from his obsession with Fire Emblem, one of his favorite games of all time. Over the years, Lord Knight became famous for his performance in many anime games, even though he started in the Super Smash Bros. community. He discovered a lot of tech in games from the BlazBlue and Persona series. The conversation focuses on Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is Lord Knight’s main game currently. BornFree asks LK to compare his old team (Android 18, Kid Buu, Frieza) to his current one (Kid Buu, Cell, Android 16). Then, they turn to talking about the ramifications of the latest DBFZ balance patch, which, in LK’s opinion, is not as drastic as some make it out to be.

Check out the conversation below — and also take a look at BornFree’s interview with WongNation|LostSoul and HookGangGawd.

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