Akuma is selectable in online Super Turbo Ranked matches in the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection


Expect to see the original Raging Demon appearing in your Ranked matches — or just use his power yourself…

Early copies of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection have found their way out into the wild, and since the online servers are already open for those that have access to the title, something that many players have wondered about has now been confirmed: in online Ranked for Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Akuma — the game’s hidden boss character, outright banned from tournament play — is indeed selectable.

You need to use the classic arcade code to unlock him — which is a bit tricky, but hardly much of a deterrent against using a character pretty much universally recognized as too broken for competitive play. Many Super Turbo enthusiasts will argue — with merit — that this will seriously damage the online balance for this title. Will Capcom take notice and make changes after launch? If he’s unlockable in this build so close to launch, odds are the developers don’t see much of an issue with Super Turbo’s Demon raging around online.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches tomorrow, May 29th!


Source: dWo|Singho (Twitter)

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