Welcome the new Mayor of Metro City with this extended cut of Cody’s preview theme for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


New, moves, new threads, and new tunes for a returning fighter.

Cody’s reveal — and his new job as Mayor of Metro City, apparently Haggar’s flawed solution to keeping Cody out of street fights — has gone over pretty well, presenting a fighter that brings old tech in along with some interesting new ideas. And his moveset isn’t the only thing that’s updated for Street Fighter V: his trailer features a new theme for Cody that — like his gameplay design — mixes old and new together.

VesperArcade uploaded this extended cut of the trailer’s preview theme for your enjoyment, while you wait for the mayor to arrive:

VesperArcade also took some time to look more closely at Cody’s changes in the reveal trailer.

Source: VesperArcade

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