More fighters are ready to go to work with Professional costumes for Karin, Vega, and Zeku in Street Fighter V, coming May 29th


Some more Street Fighter V characters are going pro.

More Premium costumes are coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tomorrow (May 29) after some server maintenance. This time, Karin, Vega, and Zeku are getting new outfits in the “Professional” category:

imageKarin Professional costumeimageVega Professional costumeimageZeku Professional costume

Though I would think that Zeku’s job was already made plain by his Story mode and costume (i.e. “ninjutsu instructor for hire”), looks like he freelances in some Kabuki theater as well. Vega working as a matador comes as no surprise, and it looks like Karin’s skill on the tennis court is as renowned as her fighting skill. As Premium costumes, expect these to run you the usual prices for DLC access, once SFV servers come back online tomorrow.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

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