Witness some top Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite action with these replays of the Evo 2018 pools

The crossover title’s best “Battle Without Limits!”

Though its public perception hasn’t been the fondest over its first year of life, many players are still enjoying Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. And while it wasn’t afforded a spot on the event’s main stage, the community came together to throw a side tournament at Evo 2018 last August, ensuring that MAHVEL would still have a presence at the world’s largest fighting game tournament.

With 128 entrants spanning some of the most notable names in the tag-team brawler, such as Evo Japan Champion CJA|CyberJapanAgent, Macho, TLT|Tayson, TPC|Not Enough Damage, Noel Brown, Stealth, Cl0ckw0rk, Bv.YLT|Cole, Hitbox|Punisher, AsianDemon, Ketsui, NB|ADC Dual Kelvin, Teemo, Knives, NinjaNam, Airtola, G.X., LEV8D|IHeartJustice, and more, there was guaranteed to be some truly top-level play.

Though there was no official stream for the event, PsychoBlue was fortunately able to record the majority of the pools action, providing us with over 8 hours of great Marvel action, so if you’re still an enthusiast for the game, this footage is a much-watch. Go grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy all the hype matches — with commentary from PsychoBlue and Jako Man — below.

You can also catch the top 4 of the tournament, which took place on the official Evo side stream, here.

Source: PsychoblueSFxT


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