Arcade UFO Weekly streaming Tekken 7 live from Austin, Texas


Arcade UFO has served as the stomping grounds for the Austin, TX FGC for a decade now. First formed in 2008, it has produced top players in a wide range of games and hosted events for SBO Qualifiers, Namco’s Tekken Tag 2 location tests, and more. With a growing scene for Tekken 7 that has drawn top players from surrounding cities like San Antonio and Houston, Arcade UFO has now moved into regular streaming for its growing weeklies. Every Saturday at 8:30 PM CT/ 6:30 PM PT is Tekken, and you can watch right now:

Watch live video from TekkenATX on

If you want to see more game streams from UFO, this Austin arcade also hosts monthlies for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike over at its ArcadeUFO Twitch channel here. These tournaments are part of the 3S Jazzy Circuit.

Sources: TekkenATX; Arcade UFO

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