Mike Watson Plans to Open Super Arcade Fundraiser in February


After a variety of blog posts about his time at Super Arcade and detailing the issues that arise when running a business of that nature, Mike Watson recently released a few details about his plans for keeping the ship afloat. Instead of a basic donation drive, which he says would only help in the short-term and wouldn’t ensure a stable future, Watson has decided to go the Kickstarter/Indiegogo route in an effort to remodel and change the establishment.

While details are still sparse in regards to initial goal, donation incentives, and more, Watson mentions that he has agonized over the particulars for quite some time. His plan is to have the fundraiser open on February 1 and run for a month, allowing those who wish to see Super Arcade remain open to pitch in. Watson describes this as his “go big or go home” moment, as Kickstarter will only hand funds to the organizer should their goal be reached.

Fortunately, the future is getting a little brighter. Watson has seen an increase in attendance since he began posting to the blog, with new faces showing up during the many events he hosts in conjunction with folks like Level|Up Series and IE Battlegrounds. Let’s hope this last final push is enough to save another closure.

Be sure to visit Super Arcade’s blog for full entry, and also check out some of his earlier installments if you missed out.

Source: Mike Watson, image via Super Arcade

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