Spinal Gameplay Information Provided During Weekly Killer Instinct Stream, Trailer Expected Before Next Broadcast


As they have before and after the release of Killer Instinct on Xbox One, the folks over at Microsoft Studios put on a special hour-long broadcast this afternoon to highlight the game and take questions from the fans. While many were disappointed that no new Spinal information was provided last week, much of the discussion today revolved around the upcoming fighter.

According to Killer Instinct Central, the developers mentioned that Spinal will come equipped with all kinds of tools, including special “ghostly” manuals that result in delayed extra hits, three different types of projectiles including one that hits overhead, skulls that drain the opponent’s resources, a highly-unsafe divekick, and more.

A gameplay trailer focusing entirely on Spinal was also promised, and should be released before next Thursday’s show.

More details on the aforementioned gameplay mechanics can be found over at Killer Instinct Central, and we’ve included a full archive of today’s broadcast below. Feel free to let us know what you think of these small peeks at Spinal’s playstyle in the comments.

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Sources: Killer Instinct Central, Microsoft Studios

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